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Car Specification

The nitty gritty...

The Boho Bug, or Rico as he's known at home, is our 1973 1303S VW Beetle. He underwent an extensive two year restoration and customisation process in 2018 to turn him into the gorgeous car that he is today and is quite the head turner on our travels... we may be biased but we can almost guarantee that you will get lots of smiles on the way to your ceremony or venue. We made the decision to restored him back to his original colour of metallic moss green - a limited edition, one year only VW colour to make him all the more unique. The other benefit being that he fits with every colour theme and so will blend seamlessly into the style of your day.

Throughout the restoration process we built everything up from scratch to ensure that The Boho Bug drives with the smoothness and comfort a modern vehicle but also retains the character of a classic car. For example, The Boho Bug includes a custom wiring loom to facilitate the incorporation of modern elements including Apple Car Play, HID headlights and heated windscreens, all of which have been discretely fitted to complement the classic look. Similarly, the engine has been overhauled and upgraded with a stainless steel free flowing exhaust, electronic ignition and twin carburettors to still achieve the distinctive sound and feel of an air cooled VW but with added power and increased reliability

The Boho Bug has been lowered by 2 inches and rolls on white steel wheels with premium tyres complemented by classic chrome chrome hubcaps. 

We have also tried our utmost best to ensure that everything included in/on the car is of the highest quality from the likes of engine components to the tyres and upholstery.


If The Boho Bug provides a talking point at your wedding, Alec would be than happy to talk for hours about the 'nitty gritty' details of the restoration process and custom elements but if there are any specific questions you have about hire please do feel free to contact us. 













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